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The Julu Garden Villa (Julu Huayuan Bieshu) is a quaint and comfortable hotel located near multiple great attractions. With any mode of transportation, guests can access Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Jing'an Temple and other top Shanghai attractions and shopping areas.

This Victorian-style Shanghai hotel was originally built in the 1930's and has maintained its historic flair. The various well-appointed rooms and deluxe suites have a small contemporary twist and each are equipped with satellite TVs and Internet access.

Although guests should venture out into Shanghai for a fantastic bite to eat, Chinese and Western food are both served at the hotel's restaurant and coffee shop and room service is also available.

For business travelers, conference rooms are also available with the basic amenities needed for any corporate meetings. When it's time to kick back, guests can take a stroll through the hotel's garden or have a quick work-out in the fitness center.[View Detail]
住客评论 332条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • Est052060
    Room is nice and big ... clean.
  • baobao0414
    Nice, good location. quiet, still expensive. price for breakfast is not high.
  • FY0555
    Hotel army invoice cannot be reimbursed, and does not provide a free text invoice, invoice tax official denied the army. it is hoped that members will notice!
  • LOVE Binger
    Location perfect, environment quiet. but, this never is a to hotel accommodation for main business of places. because door looks not door, front desk not like front desk, waiter very strong Heng, gym day has led with, night to lock. sent of fruit off to ground with feet stopped, again to guest, luggage to himself go stairs mentioned upstairs, room door has greatly of gap, outside voice are can heard, air conditioning very ring, breakfast has Chinese and Western can selected, but taste General.
  • labwang
    Room upgrade, nice, new renovated, has decorated no, very good location, quiet
  • d03551851
    Special-one hotel room, without shade, wake early every day in the bright sun
  • arisa
    Front desk staff were very nice! want to upgrade next time! thanks!
  • jimin5363
    Each entry was quite satisfied with the
  • bluefog
    Nice hotel, but newly renovated style than the previous British retro-style
  • lanbobo
    Old Shanghai exquisite cottage, renovation of well-made, carefully arranged, simple European style. service no, high security combination pride front desk ... regardless, I bask in the Sun.
  • gaoyuan512
    A very quiet place. room was small, but still warm, just poor bathroom facilities, showers are open, even the rain didn't, one with a shower will get wet and uncomfortable
  • li4043814
    Great location. Average amenity, average service
  • fxj228419
    Good location, quiet in my head, and lived in the attic, feeling a bit depressed, room small, bathroom area and small poor. early is a good, old Shanghai feel
  • nio2002
    Location is good, location is very private, fly in the ointment is the rooms are loft feeling.
  • janlu
    Rooms are loft conversion before, so open air conditioning is still very hot during the day, air conditioning loud at night, the room was very small, only suitable for living without the luggage of tourists, originally scheduled for two days, now live in one day to get out, or too depressing, because it is on julu road, so the surrounding environment good
  • Joeself
    Hotel is really special, but my room is too small it. not used
  • eelisa
    As always, good
  • e04198144
    Hotel location naozhongqujing, in a garden Villa area, environment comfortable. interior accents, especially help our upgraded room was too big, it's wicked!
    Good location, experience the feel good!
  • long695
    Upgrade with the baby room! thank you very much girls at the front desk! are very friendly and love! thank you! next time we go to
  • jiangtao_671002
    Hotel is very characteristic, on julu road out of a variety of unique shops, Hotel Villa, very out, reservation free of charge up to the night sky, very beautiful, five-star recommendation, next time you will choose.
  • powerboys
    Very quiet, convenient
  • samsaraxy
    Surrounding the special praise
  • B Roshi
    Which is very nice
  • ~ Last forever ~
    Location is no said, not Street, is quiet, out of to, a circle are is restaurant, Hong Kong dish, Shanghai dish, Italy, Japan dish, Jing an Temple walk 10 minutes, hotel is four building double spell British type small villa, no garden, house internal of pattern was modified have is mess, we set of business between is small, total Taiwan see with children friendly upgrade to with big terrace of price more than 2000 more of, but layer high is low, may is hard added more a layer loft stars room caused of, bathroom is big, but no bathCylinder, hot night somewhat not too foot, towel sheets is clean, but double is small, with baby three a people is too narrow has, added bed received 300, breakfast West two species package, Chinese of compared good, Western of is China of Western, no Chinese dinner, restaurant waiter is friendly, clean of aunt is part rules, probably is because service more air force led has.
  • djl851202
    Because the three girls are live, we upgraded our room for free, but not what I wanted ... bathroom big, beautiful and a lot, julu road special shop, live here which is very convenient.
  • summerice00
    And we think it's great
  • LY918
    Republic of experience very comfortable villa Villa of feeling tones Shanghai taste very good
  • fiveone
    Sell is the environment of the hotel, and the tranquility of old Shanghai, praise
  • RebeccaXC
    Prices of more than 700 Yuan a ratio of attic is generally
  • cecilia0907
    Arrangement our family at first lived in a very small room, the room from the bed, TV, wardrobe, little place, but was later transferred to the upstairs apartment, the whole trip was hearty ... by the way, where the breakfast is very nice-
  • lyjxf390
    Really bad noise is so bad, I can't sleep
  • gangs
    Flea and a blanket on the sofa in the room!
  • aryii
    Attic room is too small but Villa nice naozhongqujing
  • cxangy
    Environment is very good, facilities are good, but the service in General
  • fionali0220
    Naozhongqujing place. is near from the downtown subway and Jing an Zhuang. Chinese breakfast, Western-style.
  • amyocarina
    A very good environment, be quiet!, because enough petty bourgeoisie, friend loved it.
  • Pepys
    Nice hotel, quiet, clean room, but breakfast needs to be improved.
  • e00091654
    Convenient and beautiful environment
  • e03321034
    Good air quality is good, quiet. rooms are spacious and comfortable.
  • Angoy
    Nice location, very comfortable to live, is the machine is broken, deposit it hasn't come back, so a taxi for help was not to be called, finally he called
  • ma_monde
    Good location, building good, but the service still remains at the level of State-owned 80-90.
  • suffer_ren
    External environment, but useless, hotel facilities, a musty room, upgraded room toll free at the front desk, breakfast very expensive giant unreasonable service levels needs to be improved, definitely not recommended accommodation!
  • bcxlyy
    Quiet surroundings, flowers, great!
  • E02723486
    Although the downtown is nearly but not quite quiet facilities OK's new estimate is a newly renovated painted beds for workers accidentally paint on the shelf beyond the initial Bang Bang take?
  • yuri1105
    Location and environment of the hotel is good, but if the request to the service and hardware, this may not be a good choice.
  • bittercandy
    Downtown Villas Hotel, very unique. is very quiet environment beautiful. If the front desk a bit more professional, trained before in the post more, don't slip of paper don't even know how to put it on the printer to print, and next to no one teach happen. when several waiters at the front desk guest services also stop hip hop chat, look very unprofessional.
  • guo6842188
    Nice room, service, warm
  • minyeww
    Acridine is very general and no welcome fruits and drinks
  • Lily817_001
    General nothing